Copyrighted Arrangements

Using a chart that we have already arranged can save you some money.  Fannin Musical Productions provide “work for hire” services. All copyright re-arrangement permissions, performance rights/royalties, synchronization rights, and any other permissions are the responsibility of the client.


  • $600 per chart (Winds & Pit Sketch)
  • $200 per chart (Adding Full Percussion)
  • $100 per hour of rewrites
  • $1500 Maximum show music fee of recycled material

Materials created by Fannin Musical Productions are for clients’ use only. Clients should not share any work with any other schools or individuals without proper permissions.

Complete Shows with Copyrighted Material

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As Good as Gold

Autumn Leaves

Black Swan

The Body Electric

Carry On

Confined Spaces 

Dark Side of the Moon 

Dawn of Justice

Diamond in the Rough

The Game

The Garden



How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful


I Started a Joke

It is Well

It’s Electric

The Last Laugh


A Night at the Museum

Off Your Rocker

Out There

Peace, Love, Rock & Roll

Press Start


Sherwood Forest

The Sky’s the Limit



To Be…


Under the Stars



Witch and Famous

The Witching Hour

The World of Tomorrow

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Victory at Sea

That’s Life

I’ve Got You Under My Skin



All You Need is Love

For the Love of Money


Money (That’s What I Want)

Bills, Bills, Bills

If I Were a Rich Man

The Courtyard

Turn to Stone

We Found Love

Hometown Glory

And When I Die


Gangsta’s Paradise

Children’s Hour of Dream


Smooth Criminal


March of the Gladiators

Thunder and Blazes

Send in The Clowns

Man on the Flying Trapeze

Our Town

Return to the old west with “Our Town” a struggle between good and evil. Imagine movie set type props, the guard representing good and bad guys, and you’re able to effectively begin to tell a classic story of the good guys protecting their home town from Black Bart and his (her) posse. The guys at Westlake, UT were very successful with this show (placed 4th at the BOA Regional in Utah).

Movement 1: Silverado (Good Guy motives)

Movement 3: Gun Battle

Movement 4: Shenandoah

Movement 5: Black Bart Returns/Final Conflict

Movement 6: Into the Sunset


Watch any Cirque du Soleil show and you can easily start to design a marching band show. Their music so easily connects the audio to the visual. There are so many engaging tunes in their shows that translate well to marching band. Here are some titles we put together for the 2013 Tates Creek HS Marching Band (KY):


Steel Dream


A La Lune



The story of a civil war drummer and the strife of the civil war are the underlying story behind this historical narrative. The use of several public domain folk tunes make this concept an easy sell to audiences and judges. The last movement uses the Gettysburg Address narrated over America the Beautiful to cap off this stirring show.


When Johnny Comes Home


Ashokan farewell

America the Beautiful

Gone with the Wind


With the use of one copyrighted work, one public domain piece, and some original material this show “takes flight.” Feathers, wings, tarps that look like water, bird sound effects can all be used to tell this story. The band that did this had their best season ever.

Mvt. 1 Arrival of the Birds

Mvt. 2 Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks

Mvt. 3 Aviary


We imbedded several public domain themes throughout this show, including Angels Watching Over Me, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Amazing Grace, and Ave Maria.

Mvt. 1 Angels in the Architect

Mvt. 2 Breath of Heaven

Mvt. 3 Angels and Demons

Something Wicked This Way Comes

This show has an evil feel, and is based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Pre-show – First Crop Circles

Mvt. 1 Sensemaya

Mvt. 2 Vertigo

Mvt. 3 War

Post-show – First Crop Circles

Legend of Bafe’

Movement 1 is a high energy movement that comes out with both guns blazing! Cool clusters, timbres and textures make for a very interesting opening. This really has a lot of “juice.”

Movement 2 is a ballad that has several options at the beginning. A beautiful flute solo, clarinet choir, and a big hit make this great melody a super part of this show!

Movement 3 brings all of the themes from the entire show together. Hang on as the tempo cranks up at the end. This show has a red hot ending!

Ethnic Pop

Mvt. 1 One Night in Bangkok

Mvt. 2 Uninvited

Mvt. 3 The Mummer’s Dance

Mvt. 4 Hermetico


This show tries to capture all the mystery and intrigue of Voodoo! It uses many traditional cajun sounds to create new settings of these well known works.

Mvt. 1 Incantation (Quidam) – Cirque du Soleil

Mvt. 2 The Devils Dance – The Imaginarium Of The Doctor Parnassus

Mvt. 3 Paint it Black


Reoccurring themes of Joy to the World and Ode to Joy are interwoven throughout the show.

Mvt. 1 Includes Joy to the World, Ode to Joy, and Joy (Revisited).

Mvt. 2 is a unique setting of Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.

Mvt. 3 is a grooving original setting of Ode to Joy.

Spectrum (Colors of a Rose)

Movement 1 (White Rose) and Movement 2 (Yellow Rose) are filled with non-stop musical action. The White Rose start with intriguing percussion groove, vocal parts (optional), oboe solo, flute/oboe duet, and builds to a big hit. The Yellow Rose starts with woodwind feature, then picks up the tempo into a grooving 3/4 section, and wraps up with a smoking hot ending.

Movement 3 (Pink Rose) is Kissed By a Rose (Seal). This movement requires copyright permission. A flugal horn solo, harpsichord, and acoustical guitar make this a beautiful and haunting part of this show!

Movement 4 (Baroque Rose) is a cool fugue that can transition to a drum break or go right into the Red Rose.

Movement 5 (Red Rose) starts with getting the crowd clapping and a screaming rock guitar. The woodwind section trades licks with the guitar, then builds to a big hit, silent drill, and then concludes with an amazing flair! This show has endless possibilities.

Into Darkness

Aurora Awakes

Enterprising Young Men

Ice Dance

Shooting Star

Les Miserables

.Look Down (Work Song)

At the End of the Day

I Dreamed a Dream

One Day More

Do You Hear the People Sing

A Greek Odyssey

The Odyssey – Movement IV (Ithaca)

The Odyssey – Movement I (The Iliad)


Recess, Mvt. 1

Hide and Seek

Recess, Mvt. 3

A Day at the Beach

Pomp and Circumstance

School’s Out

The Boys of Summer


Surfin’ USA


Give Me Everything

The Music of Gordon Goodwin

The Jazz Police

Hit the Ground Running

Sing Sang Sung

Heroes of Flight (we also have a Flight show that requires no copyright permission)


Flight of the Thunderbird

Flights of Passage


A Winter’s Dawn

This show is based on one one of my published concert band work (Curnow Music Press). How about a using tuned water classes, bowed vibes, and other unique effects? Visually the use of crystal images, snow flakes, snow globes and other winter type props and guard equipment can help communicate the theme of this show. How about building a mountain on the field and have students sled riding down the mountain? This show has endless visual and musical possibilities. Let us personalize it for you.

Mvt. 1 This opening movement has a slow dramatic start, then transitions to a flying 12/8 section. The grooving 12/8 section provides the woodwinds and trumpets a chance to show off!

Mvt. 2 This movement is a beautiful ballad. A lyrical solo and lush sounds make this movement a must for any show.

Mvt. 3 This final movement has a great ending that keeps coming, a great part of any show!

The following pieces are available

Looking for something specific? Contact us, we have probably arranged it

1000 Planes on the Roof

15 step (Radio Head)

A Red Route One

Africa: Ceremony, Song and Ritual (Robert W. Smith)

All of the Lights

An American in Paris

Angels and Demons

Angels in the Architecture


Back to the Future

Band of Brothers

Blue Shades

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Bring Me to Life


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Come Together

Dreams and Proclamations (Complete show)

Fire of Eternal Glory

Flight of the Thunderbird

Foundry (by John Mackey)

Here Comes the Rain Again

Hide and Seek


Ice Dance (Elfman)

Ignition (by Todd Salter )

In the Stone

Into The Clouds

Jekyll and Hyde

Joy Revisited

Kissed by A Rose

Knights by Nights

Letter from Home

Love’s Holiday


Mad World

Music From “Tron”

Music from Rocky

Music from Slumdog Millionaire

Music of Karl Jenkins

Music of Robert W Smith

My Immortal

Night song



Pump It



Searching for You


Serenada Schizophrana

Shining Star (from Star Dust)

Sing Sang Sung


Sound of Music



Star Trek Soundtrack (from the new movies)

Storms in Africa

Summit City

Sun Catchers

Sure on This Shining Night


Tempered Steel

To Tame the Perilous Skies

Tom Sawyer



Urban Dances

Waltz of the Wicked

Witch Hunt

Young Persons Guide to Orchestra


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