We’ve Added More New Shows!

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We are continuing to add more content to our new website as the marching season draws closer. The World of Tomorrow and INFECTED are our newest shows in the Complete Concept Series catalog. All of the CCS shows include a detailed storyboard, plus options for electronic design, flag and costume design, drill and prop design, as well as flag work and body movement.

We have also recently added five other new shows, many of which include music from movie scores and pop hits. These shows range from Medium-Easy all the way to Advanced levels. Take a look at Killer Queen, Out There, A Night at the Museum, The Body Electric, and The Last Laughand all of our new for 2016 shows.

Our national CD has been sent to high schools throughout the country. Be looking for one soon if you have not received one already. We still have limited space for new compositions. Click here for more details.


Josh PowellWe’ve Added More New Shows!