It’s not too late to find the perfect Marching Band Show!!!

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Marching band season is just around the corner and we have tons of marching band shows to make sure you have a great year.  We can supply marching band music with full winds and percussion, as well as visual packages.  Our Complete Concept Series includes everything you need to have a successful marching band season.  Wind and percussion packages, electronic audio design, detailed storyboards, flag design, guard costume design, prop design, drill design, flag work, and body movement are available for most of the CCS shows.  Click here to see the whole CCS library.

We’ve also added 2 new shows in the Scott Koter Signature Series – Danzón and The Keys of Life.  Both of these were designed by Scott and include his design packet.  Act quickly to secure regional protection in your area.  We have also introduced the Rosie Queen Signature Series which includes detailed storyboards, show, flag and prop designs by Rosie Queen (Carmel H.S., Blast, Bluecoats, etc), detailed musical notes from Michael Pote (Carmel H.S.) and Jeff Queen (Carmel H.S.), and unique costume designs by Tommy Keenum at the Band Hall.

Josh PowellIt’s not too late to find the perfect Marching Band Show!!!