We’re still adding more content for 2018!!!

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We have added 25 NEW SHOWS FOR 2018!!!  We’re continuing to add new FX packages and detailed storyboards to our 5 new Complete Concept Series shows.  These are available with music, sound effects, drill, visual design, color guard materials, and even prop design and construction.  Now is the time to get in early on these new products.  We offer regional protection, so act fast!  Be sure to check out Courtly Dances and The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars, our newest selections in the Scott Koter Signature Series.  Visit our Program Coordination/Consultation Services page for more information about all that Scott offers.

Remember that all of our packages include edits to customize the music to your band.  We even offer packages with up to 10 hours of music edits.  Our drill spots are filling up quickly too, but we do still have openings for June and July.  Please contact us to reserve your spot.

Josh PowellWe’re still adding more content for 2018!!!