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Scott Koter

FMP is proud to offer Scott Koter’s program coordination and consultation services. Scott served as program coordinator for The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps from 1999-2015 winning five world titles, three silver and four bronze medals. He presently serves in that same capacity for the Santa Clara Vanguard. He also has served as design consultant for numerous drum corps and bands across the country. Click here for full bio.

Marching band directors do so much more than teach students in the band room and on the field.  From instrument repair, to non-profit fundraising, we must do it all.  In addition to the time we spend shaping students to be great musicians and performers, we also shape their lives outside of band, serving as counselors, role models and advocates. It is no mystery why directors often find themselves dry of “creative juices” well before show design responsibilities begin.  Scott Koter and the FMP team are here to simplify your life. Whether you are looking for a reaction or advice from a seasoned designer or you are looking for help creating or coordinating your entire show, we can streamline the process AND make your band stand out.

“Our program made a huge leap forward in one season through Scott’s guidance, not only through the design stage, but also through his evaluation and suggestions for myself and the rest of the staff throughout our season.”  – Ken Ringle, Director of Bands, McKinney HS, McKinney TX

“Scott was a very important member of our staff as consultant and clinician. He was instrumental in the show planning and his insight and observations always improved our program and performances.’’ – Wayne Markworth, Centerville HS Director (retired), WGI Winds Coordinator, Author, The Dynamic Marching Band

“Scott brought our band to a level I never thought we would reach. His input gives us a product that needs less changing as the season progresses which has given us more time improving and less time spent on “fixing”. His weekly MP4s gives us direct input on the performance and detail qualities needed for growth.” – Harold Yankey, Director of Bands, Floyd Central HS, Floyds Knob, IN

“Scott was absolutely integral to the development of the Bluecoats, having served as a Program Consultant from 2001-2006, and again in 2009 and 2010.  With ongoing support of our music designers during that time, he truly brought us into the modern era of arranging and programming and we would not have had the success we’ve been fortunate to experience recently.” – David Glasgow, Executive Director, Bluecoats


  • Video performance assessment via MP4 recordings

The director will be provided a one-time assessment via MP4 recordings analyzing the band’s effectiveness.  Scott will make recommendations to maximize “moments” and “tighten up” the group’s performance. This type of service is valuable early season once a good portion of the show is on the field, and it is also valuable at the end of the season to aid in planning and focus for next year.

  • Video analysis via MP4 recordings
  • Detailed written summary of recommendations

A comprehensive video analysis will be shared with the director via MP4 recordings digging deeper into the musical and visual performance as well the band’s effectiveness.  A summary of recommendations will accompany the recordings providing the director proven techniques to bring the show to life during the season.  This assessment outlines steps to take your band to the next level post-season.

  • Video analysis via MP4 recordings
  • Detailed written summary of recommendations
  • Plans for the future including sample documents to assess stakeholders
  • Sample design outlines and storyboards

This service consists of MP4 and design material sharing and is recommended for directors seeking comprehensive guidance to propel their program forward. In addition to in-depth video analysis, the director will receive a detailed outline for improvement as well as sample survey tools to assess stakeholder perceptions about your band.  A detailed description of program strengths and challenges with “next steps” will be provided.  The director will also receive sample design outlines and “storyboards” similar to those used by top drum corps and bands throughout their design process as a guide for enriching their own design methods.

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  • MP4s provided during rehearsals, dress rehearsals or performances
  • Engaging students collaboratively with the directors during rehearsals
  • Written notes on musical scores and drill charts
  • Discussion sessions with staff, band members, section leaders and parents
  • Detailed written summary of recommendations
  • Sample design outlines, storyboards and production lists

Face to face collaborations have immense value from a performance and production standpoint and having an expert see and hear your band live will ensure realization of nuances that may be lost on video. Scott will observe rehearsals while making notes with recommendations for improvement.  He will conduct staff meetings to share “tricks of the trade” to increase rehearsal efficiently and bring the show to life.  Scott can also work directly with your students during rehearsals or run motivation and leadership sessions outside of rehearsals. Lastly, he will make notes directly on music scores and drill charts that will give context to his recommendations that will launch your band to an entirely new level of communication and effectiveness.

Click here to see a complete list of the groups Scott has consulted.

Conceptual Design

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Whether you already have a show concept in mind or want someone to provide exciting themes to choose from, Scott’s 35 years as a designer can help you create a show that stands out from the others.  After providing a thorough analysis of your band and target audience, you will be presented with a unique concept that will engage performers, staff and judges.  The written show summary will include:

  • Potential show titles
  • Concise vision synopsis to guide the staff and designers
  • Potential musical selections and resources to find arrangements or arrangers
  • Potential musical, visual and coordinated effects
  • Visual imagery and color possibilities for flag design, costuming, guard equipment, scrims, props, etc.
  • Recommendations for visual designers and choreographers

Program Coordination

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Band directors will experience the exact program coordination system that Scott has used with top drum corps and band programs for dozens of years.  His expertise lies in melding the music and visual design, adding nuance and details to make the show sparkle and creating seamless show pacing.  After consultations and in-depth analysis of your band, he will guide you through the process of program design from inception to putting the finishing touches and the “cherry on top” of the production.  These steps include:

  • Brainstorming and researching of potential themes
  • Choosing a concept to fit your group’s identity
  • Creating an overall show vision and synopsis for each show segment
  • Generating and categorizing general effect opportunities
  • Adopting a color palette and finding visual imagery/inspiration
  • Establishing a production schedule and due dates
  • Arranging or adapting the wind and percussion scores
  • Deciding choices for costumes, flag designs, equipment and props
  • Creating a count sheet/visual interpretation guide for the drill writer
  • Detailing the show through visual enhancements and soundscape additions

Whether your goal is to bring a new level of entertainment to your halftime shows or, to be in the running for a state championship trophy, Scott’s systematic approach to design will allow you to sleep better and spend more time doing the things you love with those you care about most.  Contact and the FMP team to start transforming your band today!

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Rosie Queen

rqss_goldRosie Queen will be offering program coordination and consultation services through Fannin Musical Productions.  Rosie served as a visual coordinator and color guard director for the Carmel High School Marching Greyhounds from 2003-2019 winning 5 Bands of American National Championships and 5 WGI World Championships during her tenure.  For the past 30 years, Rosie has served on the visual teams of many of the top DCI drum corps such as: The Bluecoats, Carolina Crown, Madison Scouts, The Cadets and The Cavaliers.

Creating marching band productions is such a TEAM effort – Rosie would love to be a part of your team. She can help bring your ideas & music to life to create a memorable production for your performers.  As a band director, you have so many plates to spin at once—Rosie can help you with all things visual!  If you need a full show concept from scratch, have some great music you want to use but need some cool visual effect moments, or need help creating an identity for your show and color guard program—Rosie can help!

Some of the areas that Rosie can help with: (choose what is best for your team)

  • Overall Design
  • Brainstorming a concept to fit your group’s identity
  • Researching concepts
  • Creating Show titles & overall theme/identity
  • Creating a Visual Storyboard
  • Orchestration of coordinated effects (music & visual)
  • Visual imagery & Field Design
  • Prop & Tarp designs
  • Drill concepts and design ideas for drill writer
  • Color Guard identity
    • Color Palette
    • Costuming
    • Flag Designs
    • Non-Traditional Equipment ideas and design


  • Choreography notes for choreographers
  • Review videos to help the show grow throughout the season with detailed notes for in person staff.
  • During competition season if you are getting frustrated with adjudication feedback and need help troubleshooting a certain area of your show—Rosie can help provide solutions and a plan to help your staff improve sections of the show.
  • Making sure the concept and ideas are developed throughout the season. Following through with the design process!
  • Color guard Choreography on video
    • Create full show choreography and put on video for your performers and staff to learn.
    • Special Moments—if you want help creating a special moment through choreography.
  • On-site consultations if you want to bring Rosie in to work with your team.

“Rosie is simply one of the finest teachers I’ve ever known during my 40+ years in pageantry arts. If not for her, the Carmel High School Band Program (IN) would not be what it is today. Rosie is not just a wonderful color guard instructor, but she is also a tremendous designer who has helped to create many of the championship shows over the years at Carmel (marching band and color guard). If you are looking to truly develop a culture of excellence in your program, in my opinion, there is no one better than Rosie Queen. There are no words to describe how much I’ve learned from her over the years and there is certainly no one in our activity that I respect more.”  

– Richard L Saucedo, Director of Bands and Performing Arts Dept. Chair (retired), Carmel High School, IN


“Rosie Queen was an integral part of the Carmel team both with our color guard program and our total visual design.  Her eye for detail and ability to find the best path forward for the show design and execution is unparalleled and we absolutely would not have reached the heights of excellence we have without her!’’ 

– Chris Kreke, Performing Arts/Marching Band Director, Carmel High School—Carmel, IN


“Rosie Miller Queen is one of those famous names I’ve always heard associated with many great marching arts programs. When someone suggested that I reach out to her to help further our marching band program, I wasn’t sure a talent like hers would give us the time of day. Since day one Rosie has been nothing but the ultimate professional and has treated us like her very own program. From brainstorming concepts to final execution, Rosie works with our entire design team and instructional staff to make sure we are all bringing her wonderful ideas to life.” 

– Mike Ary, Director of Bands, James E. Taylor High School—Katy, TX


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