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How to Rent A Show (Original or Public Domain)


#1 Contact us to check availability in your region

#2 Sign a contract

  • The contract must be signed by band director and principal or booster president. The second signature should be the person who authorizes (signs) payment. Pricing and all terms are listed in the contract. No pre-payment is needed (we have flexible terms). You have two options for completing our contract for services:
    • 1. Fully Digital Version – All you need to do for this option is respond to this email with your full name and best email address and the name and email address for the person that will be approving the purchase (Principal or Booster President). We will then generate a contract for you via DocuSign that will take you through the document and obtain all the needed signatures and information. THIS METHOD IS SUPER EASY!!! This is also our preferred method of submission.
    • 2. Hard Copy – We can email a copy of the contract for you to print. Once printed, you can fully complete the contract (including the signature of your budget approver) and the scan and return it to us (or you may drop it in the mail).

#3 Fill out and return the FMP Regional Exclusivity Form (we will send this after you send your contract — within 24 hours)

  • Please provide a list of potential shows you will attend in 2024. We want you be the only band @ any festival you attend, playing the show you have rented. It’s okay to put more than one contest for a weekend. Over-estimate where you might attend contest. It’s okay to add more shows than are on the form—just add some fields. If you are part of a competitive circuit be clear what class and what championships you might attend. We assume most bands don’t leave their states (let us know if you are leaving your state). Contact us before adding a show to your to your schedule. We cannot be held responsible for incorrect or incomplete information.

#4 Download files from Dropbox (usually within 24 hours of receiving copyright approval)

  • We will create a Dropbox folder with pdf scores/parts, mp3’s, .mus files, and .xml files. Included in this folder will also be an invoice and customization form.

#5 Return the Customization Form

  • Please make your customization requests as soon as possible. We take customization requests in the order in which they are received. We are very busy from May through the end of June. Customization requests made in May and June could take up to two weeks. We will let you know if we can make your deadline. Customization requests made prior to May are completed within a few days. We must do some customization on all shows that require copyright permission.

#6 Download customized files from your Dropbox folder

  • We will create a Dropbox folder with your customized pdf scores/parts, mp3’s, .mus files, and .xml files.

#7 Payment (flexible terms)

  • Payment is expected within 30 days of completion of services. If this is not possible, please give an approximate payment date (we are flexible). We accept PO’s, checks, and credit cards (3% Charge for Credit Cards). We prefer to get only one payment.