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The Craft Bundle

Resources for creating ensemble sonority and technical mastery



An Integrated Approach to the Yamaha Harmony Director

The Yamaha Harmony Director is arguably the most powerful tool instrumental music teachers can use to improve the sound, balance and tuning of their ensembles. Although there is plenty of information on “What” the Harmony Director (and other drones) can do, there is less available on the “How” and “Why.”

Ensemble strives to help directors and students use the Harmony Director as an integral tool in all aspects of the wind rehearsal. Appropriate for all levels and age groups of ensembles, each exercise is accompanied with detailed lesson plans on how the director and the student interact with the technology. This includes detailed instructions on what controls to use and what specifically to play.

The Pure-Tempered Bach

Chorale performance is an important part of developing the total wind ensemble sound.

“The Pure-Tempered Bach” includes 6 fully orchestrated chorales with DroneMaps to assist you in diving deep into tuning as well as 4 tuning etudes inspired by Bach’s “Well-Tempered Clavier”. The chorales and etudes range from easy to medium difficulty to allow ensembles of all ages to work on these important skills!


A set of ensemble exercises designed to improve quality, clarity and balance of ensemble sound.

Based around the core concept of “isolating skills” the exercises lay out an easy to follow plan for developing stronger tone, balance and intonation skills in your ensemble. Sample lesson plans are included to help you and your staff stay consistent in instruction throughout the season. Clear descriptions of the “how” and “why” of each exercise will help you involve your students in the rehearsal process by encouraging student feedback. Includes both score with rehearsal concepts and individual parts with student reminders.


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The Craft Bundle
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