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ICE Series


Grades 2 – 2.5
We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking addition to our music education resources: the ICE Series. Designed specifically to cater to developing band programs at grade levels 2 to 2.5, the ICE series is a testament to our commitment to musical innovation and quality education.
**What Sets ICE Apart?**
1. **Flexible Wind Score**: Understanding the diverse needs of developing bands, ICE provides a flexible wind score. This adaptability ensures that bands of various sizes and skill levels can perform our music with ease and confidence.
2. **Traditional Reduced Instrumentation Scores**: For programs that prefer conventional setups, ICE includes traditional reduced instrumentation scores. This ensures that every band, regardless of its size or instrument availability, has access to quality music arrangements.
**Why ICE?**
The ICE series addresses a critical gap in band literature. Developing bands often struggle to find pieces that are both suitable for their skill level and  instrumentation. ICE solves this by offering music that is challenging enough to promote growth but accessible enough to be achievable.
Innovative, Custom, Exciting – that’s ICE. Join us on this musical journey and elevate your band program to new heights!