The World of Tomorrow

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Grade Level

Medium-Easy, Medium

The World of Tomorrow

Inspired by the 1939 World’s Fair in New York, the World of Tomorrow utilizes innovative musical arrangements, narration, costume and prop design to present the contrast between the ‘retro-future’ that was imagined in the mid-20th century—the titular ‘World of Tomorrow’—and the reality of the future we find ourselves in. At first pessimistic, the show ultimately ends on an upbeat tone.

Music is drawn from Cornfield Chase from Hans Zimmer’s score to the film Interstellar [2014], Coldplay’s hit A Sky Full of Stars [2014], Michael Giacchino’s Enterprising Young Men from the film Star Trek [2009], and Somewhere Over the Rainbow, the number one song of 1939.

Copyright permission is required for this show.

The World of Tomorrow is part of the Complete Concept Series, which includes a detailed storyboard and optional sound design.

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Product Description

The World of Tomorrow

Medium-Easy, Medium

Composed/Arranged by Matt Hightower.  Percussion by Josh Powell.

Optional services and products:

Drill design is available.  Contact us for more information.

Electronic sound design by Jeremy Thompson.  Contact for more information.

Flags and Color Guard Costumes are available from Band Shoppe.

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Copyright permission is required for this show.

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Pricing Includes:

  • Customization
  • Regional exclusivity
  • Customized wind scores and parts (pdf)
  • Partial pit scores (Full percussion available for an additional fee)

Customization Can Include:

  • Changing solos
  • Reducing number of parts
  • Simplifying or “beefing up” any part
  • Cuts
  • Adding new phrases

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Grade Level

Medium-Easy, Medium

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