Your School Airlines

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Grade Level

Medium-Advanced; Advanced

(Your School) Airlines

Featuring the pieces: Fly Like and Eagle, Learn to Fly, Rhapsody in Blue, Mr. Blue Sky, One Day I'll Fly Away, Thunderstruck, and Fly Away


Get ready to fly high with this fan-favorite show! Simply add your school name to create your own airline and “take off” into a fantastic season (ex: Fannin Airlines, Carmel Airlines, etc.). You could also use the title “Flight 2022” or whatever works best for your band.

This show will take the viewer on the journey of flight while using familiar music to drive our airline theme home. In-flight announcements (voiceovers), beautiful sky and airplane imagery, flight attendants, air traffic controllers, wings, turbulence, lightning bolts, and a beautiful color palette will take your audience on a journey from boarding, through turbulence, and to a safe and peaceful landing. You can use all of these ideas or pick and choose what will work best with your team and resources.


The sky is the limit on what is possible with this show!


Congratulations to the Melissa High School Mighty Cardinal Band on their 3rd place finish at the Texas UIL State Marching Band finals!  Melissa High School commissioned Melissa Airlines for their 2021 season.

(Your School) Airlines is part of the Rosie Queen Signature Series, which includes detailed storyboard, show, flag and prop designs by Rosie Queen.

Click here for a sample design document.

Copyright permission is required for this show.


Product Description

(Your School) Airlines

Medium-Advanced; Advanced

Designed by Rosie Queen.  Composed/Arranged by John Fannin & Matt Hightower.  Percussion by Josh Powell.

Optional services and products:

Drill design is available.  Contact us for more information.

Flags and prop vinyl available from Field and Floor FX.  Email

Costumes available from Reverence Performance Wear. Email

Prop bases supplied by

Electronic sound design by CJ Barrow.

Click here to view a show contract and pricing information.

Click here for instructions on how to rent a show.

Copyright permission is required for this show.

Pricing Includes:

  • Customization
  • Regional exclusivity
  • Customized wind scores and parts (pdf)
  • Partial pit scores (Full percussion available for an additional fee)

Customization Can Include:

  • Changing solos
  • Reducing number of parts
  • Simplifying or “beefing up” any part
  • Cuts
  • Adding new phrases

Show Images created with Pyware 3D®

Additional Information

Grade Level

Medium-Advanced; Advanced

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