Off the Rails

Off the Rails-FieldJFMOfftheRails_01262022_461581JFMOfftheRails_01262022_421628JFMOfftheRails_01262022_422027_AOff the Rails-Station-1total-8×10-1Off the Rails-Train2-5total-10×10Off the Rails-RR2-6×10Off the Rails-FrontProps-12total-Side1-7.5×4Image 1-17-22 at 8.41 AMImage 1-17-22 at 8.41 AM 2Image 1-17-22 at 8.47 AMImage 1-17-22 at 8.46 AMImage 1-17-22 at 8.42 AMOTR Station DemoOTR Backdrop DemoOTR Mvt 1 First ImpactOTR Mvt 1 Opening SceneOTR Mvt 1 Silk IntroOTR Mvt 1 WW FeaturesOTR Mvt 2 Flute Clarinet DuetOTR Mvt 2 Flute OutroOTR Mvt 2 Flute SoloOTR Mvt 2 Full Ensemble ImpactOTR Mvt 2 Full WW Melodic MomentOTR Mvt 2 Silk IntroOTR Mvt 3 Contrary Motion BuildOTR Mvt 3 Crazy Train Rock Out Part 2OTR Mvt 3 Crazy Train Rock OutOTR Mvt 3 Final ImpactOTR Mvt 3 Silk IntroOTR Set Overview HighOTR Set Overview LowOTR Sideline Screen DemoOTR Silks Demo

Grade Level

Medium; Medium-Advanced

Off the Rails

Since the days of steam, going ‘off the rails’ has meant to have an experience that is intensely powerful, thrilling, and maybe just a little wild.  Fannin Musical Productions has captured that energy in a show that sends the audience careening down the tracks by way of original compositions, a wildly unexpected arrangement of Chattanooga Choo Choo, and a final arrival at the embodiment of going off the rails, Crazy Train. Take your students, audiences, and judges for a ride they’re certain not to forget!

Click here for a complete storyboard.

Off the Rails is part of the Complete Concept Series, which includes a detailed storyboard and optional sound design.

Copyright permission is required for this show.



Product Description

Off the Rails

Medium; Medium-Advanced

Composed/Arranged by John Fannin.  Percussion by Brian Flack.

Optional services and products:

Drill design is available.  Contact us for more information.

Electronic sound design by CJ Barrow.

Flags and Color Guard Costumes are available from Band Shoppe.

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Copyright permission is required for this show.

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Pricing Includes:

  • Customization
  • Regional exclusivity
  • Customized wind scores and parts (pdf)
  • Partial pit scores (Full percussion available for an additional fee)

Customization Can Include:

  • Changing solos
  • Reducing number of parts
  • Simplifying or “beefing up” any part
  • Cuts
  • Adding new phrases

Show Images created with Pyware 3D®

Band Shoppe is an independent contractor

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Additional Information

Grade Level

Medium; Medium-Advanced

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